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Welcome to your portal for Continuing Professional Development.

The period for making your 2015 CPD Plan Declaration is now closed. The deadline was March 16, 2015. For 2016, the CPD declaration period will be from January 1-March 17, 2016.

For those with a CPD Alberta profile account, you can still access the CPD Alberta website to view, update and monitor your 2015 CPD Plan activities. If you missed the 2015 declaration deadline, you are still able to create a CPD Alberta profile account and generate a plan.

You will NOT, however, be able to declare your 2015 plan. For further information, please contact the CPD Department at 403-229-4766 or toll free at 1(800)-661-9003 or via email at

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What's New!

The Law Society of Alberta's Continuing Professional Development Program is a mandatory requirement for all active lawyers in Alberta.

The CPD website will assist you to:
  • Identify your CPD goals;
  • Evaluate your 2014 CPD activities.
  • Create and record your 2015 CPD Plan;
  • Declare your CPD Plan.
When you create and declare your CPD Plan on this website, you will receive confirmation via return email with a PDF copy of your CPD Plan to retain in written or electronic format for your files for 5 years as required by the Law Society Rules.

Click here to see a current list of contributors to the Resource Bank.

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